You are a small business owner. You use the internet both in your business and personally. Obviously, you know there are many, many websites out there. More than likely, you’ve even made purchases through someone else’s website. Perhaps it is apparent that you could be doing the same thing with your own business. Certainly, extra e-commerce sales could only help your bottom line. But does your business really need a website?

In deciding that, consider what a website really is to a business. A well-designed site can give your business exposure to a much larger group of potential customers. That makes it a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, marketing experts tell us that having a successful marketing strategy is essential to the growth of your business. Effective use of a website can draw in new leads and turn leads into conversions. Now, these new customers (your best market) can be further wooed through follow-up online newsletters, automatic appreciation e-mails (auto-responders), special offers, or any number of tactics. All the while building a mailing list which is like gold to anyone’s marketing efforts. With this almost limitless and relatively inexpensive marketing tool in the form of your website, your profits have an even greater ability to soar.

A website does need to be well-designed. Also, in addition to targeted, effective content, your site needs to be regularly maintained and updated. Using its full potential requires someone in your company to continue coming up with new online marketing strategies. But these efforts, if thought of as marketing investments, can mean big rewards in the form of increased profits for your business.

In this information age, the internet is key to making innovative marketing decisions that build a successful business. Your competition knows this, and he/she probably has a website. If they are savvy enough to realize their marketing potential, then they have a competitive edge. But you can make up ground and pass them up with a well-designed website of your own.

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