Standing in ballet boots presses the calf muscles and Achilles tendons into their shortest size, usually making them sore. One of the reasons that ballet boots are made is to inflict punishment on those who wear them. Without sufficient padding, standing in ballet boots can even damage the toes, cause toes to bleed, leading to gangrene, and require the toes to be amputated or chopped off. Furthermore, ballet boots usually have tight ankles, that make it impossible to flex the ankles (stretch the muscles and tendons). All of these extreme conditions can cause shortening to happen faster. Here are examples of killer shoes, rather ballet boots.

* Justine Ballet Boots

Justine is the top class model. This thigh-high boot faithfully reproduces the original model thought and designed by Stanton in his 1st tales.

* Emmanuelle Ballet Boots

Emmanuelle is the intermediate model. The ankle boot is designed to be used with cuffs on chains. Totally handmade by Punitiveshoes craftsman with the 1st quality natural leathers and fabrics.

* Gwendoline Ballet Boots

Gwendoline is the most famous model among the ballet shoes. The knee boot is comfortable and owns the charms of knotted shoes. This is available in Matt or Patent Red, White or Black kidskin.

* Nausicca Ballet Boots

Nausicaa is the open boot with 8 inches shaped stiletto heel that has 4 buckle straps. This is made in real leather, transparent lining, and real leather sole.

* Laced Ballet Boots

These thigh-length ballet boots have a unique looking 8 inches heel. The composition sole has non-skid ridges for extra grip allowing the boots to be actually walked in, albeit for small distances. Speed laces are available up the front of the boot to give that sexy look.

* Zipped Ballet Boots

This thigh-length ballet boot has a unique looking 8 inches heel. The composition sole has non-skid ridges for extra grip allowing the boots to be actually walked in. The full-length side zipper makes these very easy to get on and off.

* Pumpy Ballet Boots

These ballet pumps have a delicate ankle strap and a unique looking 8 inches heel. This is available in your choice of black white, red leather, royal blue, baby blue, and green-yellow. Also in single colors like white, black, grey, purple, pink, orange, gold, and silver.

Actually, there is really nothing wrong with wearing these super high- heeled shoes. However, it is very dangerous, you might trip down the road as you are walking and it will most likely cause an injury. For those women who are so into these, never forget to stretch your feet every night so it can also have rest and relax.

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